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Do you have a payment card issued by a bank in the European Union*? Use the Lyf Pay app to pay at Main Square !

Use the 100 % free and secure LYF PAY app. This way you only need to show your smartphone to pay.

How does it work?

  1. Download the Lyf Pay app :
  2. Sign up and add your payment card to the app.
  3. Simply get your QR code scanned to pay.

TIP : No need to add funds to your account or get a refund after the festival. The app is directly linked to your bank account.

You’re going with friends? You can also easily pay your friends or loved ones, needing only a phone number, whether they have the Lyf Pay app or not. Very convenient to reimburse a round of drinks at the festival.

Do not wait any longer, download the Lyf Pay app :