• Once my ticket purchased, I can choose to create a cashless account and credit it before the event.
  • To create my cashless account, I fill the module above with some personal data asked and my bank card information.
  • My festival ticket number is necessary to create my account.
  • If I created my cashless account before the festival, the amount I decided will be credited on my wristband when my ticket will be scanned at the entrance, and I will get my bracelet.


Where do I get my bracelet?

  • If I created an account, when my ticket is scanned, my bracelet is given to me containing the money I have pre-charged.
  • If I didn’t create and pre-charge my account before the event, an “empty” bracelet is given to me when my ticket is scanned. To credit my bracelet with my smartphone, I have to scan the QR code of my wristband.
  • 1€ is taken for the chip activation when you topped-up your bracelet for the first time.

How and where use my cashless bracelet?

  • The cashless is the only way to pay on all booth of the festival and campsite (Food and beverages, Merchandising, …)
  • To pay my purchase, I only have to show my wrist to the vender who will scan the chip.
  • The total amount of my purchase will be available before paying.
  • The balance amount will be available at the end of the payment.

How can I reload my cashless wrist?

  • If I didn’t create my account, I have to scan the QR code of my wristband.
  • If I created an account, I can charge my chip bracelet to my account on the website or mobile app of the festival.


If there is money left on my bracelet after the festival, I have between Monday, July 8th at 8.00 a.m. and Monday, July 22nd, 11.59 p.m. to make my refund request.

  • If I created an account, a simple button will be available to make my request.
  • If I didn’t create my account, I will need to create an account, and this will require the 6 letters code inscribed on the chip of my bracelet in order to make my refund request.



  • No refund request will be processed after the deadline.
  • We are unable to refund amount below 0,50€


Do I have to register ?
No … But we highly recommend it! For thus you will:

  • Check expenses history
  • Recharge your account at any time on the website or mobile application.
  • Block your chip in case of trouble in one of the top-up banks

I have several day tickets. Should I create an account for each day?

No! With an account or not, it is only a payment chip bracelet.

Whether I come 1 or 2 days, I create my account with 1 ticket number and keep the same payment chip bracelet during the festival.

If you did not create an account, my payment will also be valid throughout your stay.

What happens if I lose my chip bracelet?

Knowing that my bracelet is attached to my wrist, it would not be likely to lose it… But if it happens, anyway, my account is attached to my bracelet, so, I can block my chip by visiting one of the top-up banks. I can get for free a new bracelet which will be credited to the balance of the chip I have blocked.

Unfortunately, if I did not create an account, blocking my chip is impossible …


Is my chip bracelet free?

When I topped-up my bracelet for the first time, 1€ is taken for the chip activation.

NOTE: The activation fee is only charged for the first topped-up. All topped-up are free.


You have questions? Having trouble with your account?
Do not hesitate to contact us via